Two Roads Lil’ Heaven Session IPA

I have to start off by saying: I’ve been slacking. Very bad.
My partner in crime, @TheStraightHops, has kept this ship sailing for quite a few months now without any help from me.  I’d like to thank @Essau1969 and @JenniferCassada for their great contributions/reviews to this site as well!
No excuses, but I’ve been balls deep in prepping for my wedding next month, that I’ve had very little time to devote to the site.
For that, I salute you @TheStraightHops, not once did you complain to me about my slacking. Not out loud anyway!
Now, onto the important matter at hand, BEER!
I stopped at the local convenient liquor store this evening to find something good to drink. I’m not the biggest fan of this “not gonna name the place”, but it’s super convenient, so I usually make due.
Their craft beer selection is usually very sub-par.
But, today I was lucky enough to pick up Two Roads Brewing ‘Lil Heaven Session IPA’.
Plain and simple, I love it!
I started off not being a very big fan of the sessions, but gradually, over the past year they have been growing on me. This one does not disappoint. Goes down nice with just a slight bite at the end, not overly bitter.
It just might be my favorite session I’ve had to date.
This is my first Two Roads beer, and I have to say, if any of the rest are close to this beer in taste and quality, I would love to have them all.
Even the can is excellent — I love the line “Crushable India Pale Ale”— I can see myself “crushing” a few more of these this weekend.

Overall: I give this a 4 outta 5 Kegs

Update: I “crushed” 4 of them last night and my opinion hasn’t changed! Excellent brew, I definitely suggest you add this to your list if you’re into Session IPA’s! #ShowUsYourCrushedCans


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