Twitter #50BeerChallenge

The Challenge

The challenge, if you accept, is to drink a Beer from each State in the U.S.

All 50. (Not all in one sitting, that’s just silly)

Is there a brewery in all 50 States?

We don’t know, but we’re assuming there is, because Beer is good.


Pictures of said Beer are a must.

If there isn’t a pic, it didn’t happen.

Retroactive Beers do not count. (We’ll know. We always know…)

Hashtag #50BeerChallenge and include @CrazyKegs or @TheStraightHops in your Tweet so we know to put the State Beer you drank on the site, as well as a running tally of all participants. (We’re super dedicated)

The Winner Gets…

A High Five.


A sweet Crazy Kegs T-Shirt.

Whichever you prefer.


We’ll play along as well, but sadly, we’re not eligible for the High Five.


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