Three Tier Beer

You’re going to get price gouged at stadiums and movie theaters, that’s just the way of the world, so there’s really no surprise there.
Short story short, @CrazyKegs scored four tickets to an Eagles game, and asked if we wanted to go.
Generally speaking, I prefer watching games at home (It’s the whole comfort factor), but we went anyway.
It’s been a couple of years since I went to the stadium, but the first thing I noticed after we walked in was a sign for beer, obviously. I actually laughed at the sign. Apparently, there’s a “Three Tier Beer Pricing” system in effect, it’s probably not their official term but that’s what I’m rolling with. That’s fine and dandy, they can do whatever they want, and they do. Of course we’re still going to buy beer, and they know it!
@PinkPirateNinja and @CrazyKegs future ex-wife(They’re not married yet) were drinking Miller Lite and Coors Light, respectively, so they were ordering from the “Domestic Beer” selection. Normally, @CrazyKegs and I are fine with their choice of beer at home, it’s much easier on the wallet. Problem is, if you’re already paying $9 for a can, throw out the extra buck or two and get something good.

For the most part, I hung out in the “Premium Beer” section, which was actually quite confusing. I thought I was ordering “Super Premium Beer”. (Besides the beer listed in the pic above, they don’t actually list what they consider “Premium Beer” or “Super Premium Beer”)
My “Premium Beer” Choices: Yards Brawler is on the bottom right (Only Had on Draft)

Yards Brawler


I haven’t had Stella Artois in a long time, but that has a lot to do with Adrien Brody. I really can’t stand the guy, and his Stella commercials pretty much annoyed me, not to mention his role in that garbage ‘Predator’ movie. I’m not sure I’d consider Stella “Super Premium” anyway, but like I said, Adrien Brody made sure I’ll probably never drink it again.

Then there’s Goose Island IPA. In my opinion, it’s only an okay IPA to begin with, not to mention the fact that (you know who) owns them. “Super Premium”? No. But I had one anyway, just so I could whine about it.







It is what it is with the whole “Three Tier Beer Pricing” thing they have going on these days.
My whole point, long as it may be, is that I’d take what they consider “Premium Beer” over what they consider “Super Premium Beer” all day long.
With the exception of ‘Landshark’, ‘Shock Top’, and that Cider stuff. Those three belong in the “Domestic Beer” Category.


I like beer. I drink beer. Sometimes, I even review beer. If I feel like it...


  1. I used to go to see the birds all the time and link has horrible beer choices. Citizens Bank park next door way better.

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