The Elysian Deal

ElysianBy now, I’m sure everyone is aware that Elysian Brewing was purchased by InBev, which owns Anheuser-Busch.
We all know Anheuser-Busch brews those tasty treats such as Budweiser and Bud Light.
Yes, I threw up a little in my mouth saying that last line.
Financial terms weren’t released as of yet for the deal, but you have to figure it’s a ton of money.
Like, stupid rich money.
Would I have sold?
Hell yeah I would have.
Anyone that says otherwise is most likely crazy.
Will the quality of Elysian Beers go down?
Who knows yet.
Even if the beer suffers in taste, there are so many other Craft Beer offerings these days, try something new.
Yes, I know we all have our favorite Craft Beers, but crap happens.
Move on to another brewery.
Until they sell.
Then repeat that cycle.
The sellers are the ones laughing, all the way to the bank, because they know the most important part of this deal.
They just got silly rich.


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