The Art of Home Brewing

The Art of Home Brewing

By Chris Anderson



Home brewing is big these days and there are various reasons that this is so. I believe it’s due to the explosion of the craft beer scene. Everyone has heard stories of friends and family that have tried home brewing both good and bad. If you haven’t tried it before and would like to get started, I would say “Go for it”. There is tons of information on home brewing on the internet and nothing beats finding your local homebrew shop and going in a speaking with other like-minded folks. For someone like myself who used to work in restaurants and still loves to cook at home, it is a creative outlet that ends with “beer”. I started out real simple with brewing, doing simple extract recipes. This really got me into brewing, but the more I researched the more I wanted to branch out. What I love is that you can take a recipe and do a twist on it by adding additional ingredients, such as different hops, various types of yeast, honey, racking onto fruit or even onto Bourbon soaked oak cubes. When I cook, I do the same thing, as I take a look at a recipe and then decide how much to add, depending on my taste that day or whom I am cooking for. The trick is to take notes, so if you like what your beer tastes like in the end, you can repeat it or vice versa, if you don’t. So far I have tried my hand at brewing beer and also have done a few ciders (dry hop the cider, it’s wonderful) with great success. Some were better than others but after a while you start thinking more of the actual process than the actual recipe. So whether you want to make beer, cider, or even wine for that matter, go ahead and try it, you might just find yourself in love with the art and the process. Who knows, this could be just a creative outlet for you or possibly your next career. The exciting part for me, and a lot of folks that I know, is the passion of the craft beer scene and the good people that you meet along the way. You’ll be amazed on how people all over the world have the same passion, and you never know who you’ll meet along the way, perhaps your next best friend or the love of your life. So get brewing folks, you wont regret it.

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Drink it up, this one’s for you!

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