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‘Please Help Our Conner’ Created November 17, 2015
by: Colleen Strom

We are the teachers of an absolutely amazing little boy who has stolen all of our hearts. Conner is a very special boy that has been in our class for 4 years. He is silly, funny, loving, and makes us so happy each and every day. He loves Cisco phones and can tell you the date of any event that has happened over the past few years. He loves to dance and has an incredible heart. He blows us away every day with his tremendous strength, determination, and pure love of life.

Conner was diagnosed with autism when he was only a couple years old. When Conner was in kindergarten, his family and teachers started noticing that he was having difficulty getting up off of the floor. They also began noticing other signs that his muscles were not working as efficiently as they should have been. Soon after, Conner was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness.

We have watched as Conner has faced the past few challenging years with determination, strength, and his continued love of life. He makes us so proud and we love him very much.

Conner is extremely lucky to have such an amazing family who loves him and does everything they can for him. Right now, however, they need our help. Conner will be getting his new motorized wheelchair shortly, which is covered by insurance. Unfortunately the apartment they are living in right now is too small to accommodate Conner’s increasing reliance on the wheelchair. In addition, they need a minivan with ramp in order to transport Conner. Neither of these necessities are covered by insurance.

Conner truly needs all of our help. Any help would mean the world to Conner and his family. It is never easy to ask for help, but we are pleading today. Please help our little guy. Thank you all very much.

Any help you can offer by clicking the link below is greatly appreciated.

For direct donations: Please Help Our Conner