Asheville Brewing Company “Carolina Mountain Monster”

Asheville Brewing Company “Carolina Mountain Monster” by Chris Anderson Well, it’s been a long time since I have sat down and wrote a beer review, but today’s your lucky day. Carolina Mountain Monster is an Imperial Stout brewed with Coffee… Continue Reading


The Crazy Kegs Summer List

We here at Crazy Kegs love to try beer all year long.  Most seasons bring a beer theme and summer is no exception.  With longer, hotter days, a refreshing summer beer is much needed.  This doesn’t mean you have to… Continue Reading


Stone ‘Citrusy Wit’

@CrazyKegs sent me a picture. No, not that kind of picture, that’s just wrong. He sent me a pic of three beers and asked me if I had tried any of them yet. Right smack in the middle of his… Continue Reading


Stone ‘Mocha IPA’

This is one of those beers I wasn’t sure if I should grab. I mean, Stone Brewing Company hasn’t let me down yet, but you never know. Mocha isn’t really my thing in general, let alone in my beer. Still,… Continue Reading


Stone ‘Go To IPA’

I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to talk about Stone ‘Go To IPA’. Well, I kind of know why. If you’ve had anything from Stone Brewing, I’m sure you know it’s going to be pretty damn good,… Continue Reading


Stone ‘Enjoy By 10.31.15 IPA’

All Stone Brewing does is make good beer. I guess that’s kind of the point though. So, when I happened upon ‘Enjoy By 10.31.15 Ipa’, I couldn’t not grab the six-pack to try. What I mean by “happened upon”, is… Continue Reading


Stone ‘Cali-Belgique IPA’

This is a true love/hate beer for me. I’m all in on IPA’s, so I had to give this twist on that style a try. While I do enjoy drinking a few different Belgian beers, this one gives me different… Continue Reading