Founders ‘KBS 2017’

I’ll drink a stout on occasion, but I don’t buy stouts on purpose. The ones I do end up trying are thrown in to mix packs, and they’re just kinda there, so of course I’m gonna drink ’em! I had… Continue Reading


Founders ‘Pale Joe’

Who: Me, silly. What: Look Above… When: 11/16/16 Where: Kings Grant Liquors Why: Founders brews some good beer, so I had to try this one! Price: $9.99 plus tax on a 6-Pack ABV: 5.4% Founders Brewing Company. This is a… Continue Reading


Devil Dancer Triple IPA Review by @DennyD1

“When you dance with the Devil, the Devil don’t change.  You do.” For this review, I decided to go local.  As much as Founders Brewing Company is local, it’s all over the place!  I know many of you have sampled… Continue Reading


Founders ‘Mosaic Promise’

When you come across a beer you’ve never seen before, you should pick it up to try, especially if it’s from Founders Brewing Company. You know as well as I do these guys know what they’re doing out there in… Continue Reading


Founders ‘All Day IPA’

So, I decided to change it up a little, and picked up a sixer of Founders ‘All Day IPA’. I’m not really one that’s into the, “Session Beers”, but this was quite refreshing. It goes down nice and easy, and… Continue Reading