Boulevard ‘Funky Pumpkin’

It’s pumpkin beer time! I’ve not been a huge fan of pumpkin ales over the years, but I have found a few that I really enjoyed. Seeing a spiced sour however was too much for me to pass up. This… Continue Reading


Boulevard ‘Saison-Brett 2015’

I have enjoyed most of the beers I’ve tried from Boulevard Brewing Company. (Which is quite a few, I’m not ashamed to admit…) When I saw this last week, sitting on the shelf calling my name, it was a no-brainer… Continue Reading


Boulevard ‘Mid-Coast IPA’

I went to this awesome Beer tasting event, and by event, I mean I picked up a couple mix 12 packs to try at home. Let’s be honest, no one wants me out in public anyway. It was a difficult… Continue Reading


Boulevard ‘Tasting Room Red IPA’

I’m not really into “Red” beer, but I’m determined to find a beer from Boulevard Brewing that I don’t enjoy. Well, it hasn’t happened yet. Their ‘Tasting Room Red IPA’ is good. I know, I’m not happy about that either.… Continue Reading