Stone ‘Go To IPA’

I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to talk about Stone ‘Go To IPA’. Well, I kind of know why. If you’ve had anything from Stone Brewing, I’m sure you know it’s going to be pretty damn good, so I figured it would be pointless to write about this beer. Screw it, I’m generally pointless anyway, so here it is!

I’ve had this beer from Stone so many times, I couldn’t even come up with the “actual” number if I wanted to. You can’t really go by Untappd check-ins, I don’t always remember to do that, depending on how the night’s going.
Some people shy away from Session Beer, claiming it’s not “Real” beer, just because you can have quite a few without getting knocked on your ass.
Sometimes you need an easy drinking, tasty beer, that won’t have you stumbling to bed. If you even make it to bed.
That’s where this beauty of a beer comes in to play.
Stone’s ‘Go To IPA’ clocks in at an awesomely low 4.5% ABV. Did they sacrifice taste with this one? Not even close.
This brew is super good. It pours a fantastic color and smells delicious. The taste is of yummy  “Beer Rainbows” having a party in your mouth.
Go ahead, finish that six-pack, you’ll have no problem getting up in the morning.

The Straight Hops: 4 out of 5 Kegs
Of all the Session IPA’s out there today, this one is tops in my book. The book I haven’t written about beer, that is.

Should I shamelessly plug a book I actually did write that no one bought?
Probably not, but… Random Awesomeness


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  1. I enjoyed this offering from Stone as well. Very drinkable and the low ABV means you can have a couple and not feel bad the next morning.

  2. Awesome review I’m glad I checked out your website finally a true beer review thanks for posting look forward to reading more

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