Stone ‘Cali-Belgique IPA’

calibThis is a true love/hate beer for me.
I’m all in on IPA’s, so I had to give this twist on that style a try.
While I do enjoy drinking a few different Belgian beers, this one gives me different flavors every time I take a sip.
My initial reaction when I tried my first one was I very much did not like it.
I was willing to give the remainders I had to a buddy of mine.
I didn’t, and now that I have had a few more, it is really growing on me.
Cali-Belgique has great flavor, but every once in awhile something catches my taste buds that just doesn’t agree with me.
It is a good beer though.
If you enjoy Belgian style beers, I have no doubt you will absolutely enjoy this one.
For me, it’s a beer I can only enjoy just every once in awhile, if someone else is buying.

Overall: I give it a 2 outta 5 Kegs.


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