Special Contributors

Little is known about the super mysterious @DennyD1, but he likes beer, and that’s all that needs to be known…
@DennyD1 Bio:
Dad, gamer, swim parent. I like to follow science geeks, football fans and gamers.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Noble Brewer Beer Club
Green Flash ‘Tangerine Soul Style IPA’
Founders ‘Devil Dancer Triple IPA’


@bucnwhiskey is an active participant in the #50BeerChallenge as well as the #26BeerChallenge!
The Legend of Rick Wagner continues to grow on a daily basis.
Rick Wagner bio:
Hi there. I like beer, whiskey, shelter pets, and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Joseph James ‘Red Fox Russian Imperial Stout’
Shebeen ‘Black Hop IPA’
Boulevard ‘Funky Pumpkin’


Chris Anderson has taken the #50BeerChallenge by storm.
This guy knows Beer.
His Home Brewing skills are off the hook.
Now, lucky for you, you get the bonus of reading his Reviews on those Beers!

Boxcar ‘Boomer Brown Ale’
‘Adam Bomb American IPA’ Blackstone Brewery
Firestone Walker ‘Easy Jack IPA’
Parkway Brewing ‘Ravens Roost Baltic Porter’
Wee Mac Scottish Ale by Sun King Brewery
Dixie Brewing Company ‘Blackened Voodoo Lager’
Old Jubilation Ale from Avery Brewing Company
WeyerBacher Brewing Company
Transatlantique Kriek (Lips of Faith) 2015
Free Will Brewing Company’s “Snow Day Ale” 2014
The Art of Homebrewing


From time to time we will be posting Videos made by @ManlyManKitchen from his YouTube Channel ‘ManKitchen‘.
Sometimes he’s cooking with beer, sometimes he’s just drinking beer while he cooks. It’s a win/win either way. Unless it’s bad beer, that’s a loss, so win/win probably doesn’t make sense.

Most Wisconsin Meal Ever!!!
Root Beer Moonshine!