Sam Adams ‘Got To Gose’

gottogoseWhen there’s a beer in a mix pack you want to try, you buy the mix pack. This particular Sam Adams Summer mix pack came with 6 different beers, 2 of each, for a grand total of 12 altogether…
That’ll work.
That’s how they get you though.
I wanted to try one beer in particular, but had to get the five others to go along with it. That’s okay, Sam Adams Beer is generally good beer, so I wasn’t all that worried about the other ones. I mean, it’s beer, I’m gonna drink them anyway.

That brings us to ‘Got To Gose’.
This wasn’t the one I had my eye on trying, but of course I drank it anyway.
I don’t have much experience with this style of beer, so I wasn’t real sure what to expect going in, but I manned up and poured like a champ!
I took a few sips before checking out the description on the bottle.(I don’t like being biased before tasting)
Apparently there’s a pinch of salt, cucumber, and some other stuff going on with ‘Got To Gose’.
It works for me.
This brew is actually kind of refreshing. It’s only 4.8%, so I can see why it’s in their Summer Mix Pack. If you’re hanging outside on a Summer day, this is definitely a beer you should have with you.
It’s nice and light, goes down smooth, and is pretty tasty at that.
I’d definitely pick this beer up again.

The Straight Hops: 3 out of 5 Kegs


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  1. 10 Barrel Brewing has a Cucumber Crush Sour that is a lot like what you describe with this beer. It’s a pretty awesome brew. This seems pretty outside the box for Sam but I guess they have to keep up with the taste-setters at the microbreweries. Good review!

    • I’ve seen some of their stuff around Philly lately, but not the Crush… Not yet anyway. I still keep an eye out. Will let you know if I run across it. They sold to AB earlier this year (unfortunately) but they still seem to make good beer, so that’s something.

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