Rogue ‘Yellow Snow IPA’

yellowsnowipaI don’t really pick up many Rogue brews. I just feel like the cost of their six-packs, at $13.99, is a little out of control. Not that I’m opposed to paying for quality, but if I’m shelling that out, I expect to be blown away by that particular beer.
‘Yellow Snow IPA’ was pretty much a, “There’s no way I can’t get this beer”, kinda purchase.
Yellow snow is delicious, so I figured I should definitely try Rogue’s version, it just made sense.
You know what I’m talking about, don’t act like you’ve never tried yellow snow. (Not the Beer…)

The plan was to have a couple beers while playing Black Ops 3. I need the beer to dull the pain of getting shot all the time. Clocking in at 6.2%, Rogue ‘Yellow Snow IPA’ did the trick. After a couple of these beers, I didn’t even care I suck at this game. Yeah, I still yelled at the TV every time I was killed, but I had more ‘Yellow Snow IPA’ in the fridge.
Life was good.
Except in the game.
I’m horrible.

Now, was I blown away by this beer? I can’t lie, it was pretty tasty.
But, I can’t say it was ridiculously awesome.
It’s a very nice IPA, with a good burst of hops for your taste buds, but you can find better.

The Straight Hops: 3 out of 5 Kegs


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