Passage on the Right

You enter the passage on the right. You walk a few feet in when you hear a loud noise. You turn around only to find the entrance to the passage has been sealed. There’s no turning back now, you have to move forward.
Your phone dies and now you are in complete darkness. You move along carefully in the pitch black, wishing Riddick was with you on this journey. After awhile you see a glimmer of light, almost like a torch in the distance. You keep going toward the light. The passage eventually opens in to a large torch-lit room. You adjust your eyes.
In the middle of the room is a table with a six pack sitting on top. You get excited. At first.
It’s a six pack of Budweiser with a note next to it on the table. You open the note and it reads: “Welcome traveler on your journey. Your task is simple. Drink this entire six pack without throwing up once, and a portal to safety will appear before you. If you cannot complete this task, a Zombie Horde will appear. Good luck traveler.”

If you drank all the Beer Without Puking, Click Here

If you Puked, Click Here




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