Passage on the Left

You enter the passage on the left. A mystical door closes behind you. There’s no turning back. You walk for a bit, when seemingly out of nowhere, the entire passage is filled with light. Almost as if a magically switch had been flipped. You start feeling pretty good about your choice of passage. Then you see him. A Goblin Wizard stands before you. You start to run when he speaks. “Welcome traveler. I’m sure you are parched after your journey here, deep in the cave. Before you, I have placed two delicious pints of beer, on the right and on the left. You may only pick one to drink. But I must warn you, one of them will transport you to brief safety, the other will transport you to a Lair of Vicious Vampires. Choose wisely.”

If you chose the pint on the Right, Click Here
If you chose the pint on the Left, Click Here




I like beer. I drink beer. Sometimes, I even review beer. If I feel like it...

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