NJ (Forgotten Boardwalk) vs PA (Evil Genius) Pt 2

Check out Part 1 here: Forgotten Boardwalk vs Evil Genius Part 1

After getting my New Jersey on, I decided to try a few from the Pennsylvania contender, Evil Genius.  They’re kind of known for their funky pop names like Purple Monkey Dishwasher and I Love Lamp.  They also come up with some pretty unique flavor profiles.

My first offering from them was The Files are “in” the Computer, which is a special draft only release.  It’s a vanilla infused Belgian dubbel. Belgians are one of my favorite styles of beer and this one did not disappoint.  It has an ABV of 8.5% so it does pack a punch, but it’s more of a warming feeling in the belly than a boozy bomb.  You can smell the vanilla right away, as well as caramel. Those scents come through in the taste and there’s an additional roasty coffee flavor.  The taste reminded me of what a cozy coffeehouse smells like.  It was delicious and I would definitely have one again…and again. 4.25/5 Kegs


My final beer of the night was the Double IPA with the great name of This One Time At Band Camp.  It has an ABV of 8.5% and IBU of 52, which is a great amount of booze, but not much bitterness.   There is not a strong scent to this beer, there’s a light hoppy and fruity scent, but you smell more of the bready malt than anything.  For a Double IPA, this is not very bitter, so for those that don’t typically like the bitterness of a DIPA, this one is for you.  It’s not overwhelmingly boozy and has a light flavor.    3.25/5 Kegs


I went out of town for a week, and upon my return, I brought my sister, who lives in PA, to Fins for  a quick happy hour.  They still had several of the offerings from the takeover. My sister had her first Forgotten Boardwalk and she picked the Funnel Cake.  I heard her say mmmmm several times.  I decided to have another Shore Shiver from Forgotten Boardwalk because it was just that good. I also tried a I’ll Have What She’s Having, a chocolate hazelnut imperial stout, from Evil Genius. I was hoping my sister would have it, too, so when I ordered it, I could laugh like an evil genius (see what I did there?) but she was driving so no go.  Anyway…Right away, you could smell the hazelnut and cocoa with a splash of vanilla.  The hazelnut is the most prominent flavor, but you get the vanilla again and dark chocolate. This beer is very dangerous (in a good way) because you can’t tell that it has an ABV of 9.4% and even though it has an IBU of 87, it’s not a hoppy bitterness. This is a perfect beer for the end of the night or to sip with dessert. 4.25/5 Kegs


There wasn’t a clear winner here and the talk at the bar was pure contentment.  Sure, I could tally up my kegs, but I didn’t have all of the offerings and that’s just boring.  I love the idea of a brewery vs brewery smackdown and maybe you should mix a six and try it at home.  And then keep your eyes peeled for the next tap takeover from CheersSJ. You can see their events here: CheersSJ

Go try some beers and play some games at Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Co – Craft Brewery & Refuge – Curious Ales & Tall Tales 1940 Olney Avenue Cherry Hill NJ 08003 (856) 437-0709 Forgottenboardwalk.com @ForgottenBoards

Evil Genius – EvilGeniusBeer.com  @EvilGeniusBeer

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