Love Buzz by Anchorage Brewing Company


So I got some beer mail from a guy who I like to call my beer boyfriend, because we met on Untappd and apparently he loves me enough to send me beer and flowers.  Anyway,  I was super excited when I got this beer mail because besides the fact that it’s beer in the mail, I needed Alaska for the #50BeerChallenge.  There were 3 Alaskan beers in the box and this one was my favorite.

I haven’t tried a ton of Saison style beers because I’m still stuck in that mentality of “lemme get as buzzed as possible” and I wrongly thought that they were sissy beers and that is obviously stupid. This one is 8% ABV and you don’t really taste the booziness.  What you do taste and smell right away is that it’s aged in French Oak Pinot Noir barrels, which at first seems odd, but really is lovely.  There are so many flavors in here that it was hard to pick out exactly what they were.  It was tart then sweet then spicy and a little hoppy at the end.  The use of  brettanomyces (look it up like I did) was obvious and different and I loved it.  Every sip was like a tiny flavor party in your mouth.

This probably isn’t a beer that you’re going to drink every day, but you’ll probably wish you could. I definitely got that Love Buzz.

4.5/5 kegs

Jennifer Cassada

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