Green Flash ‘Soul Style IPA’


Believe it or not, ‘Soul Style IPA’ is the first beer I’ve tried from Green Flash Brewing Company. It was kind of an, “Accidentally-On-Purpose”, type of thing. Trust me, it makes sense…

It went down like this: @jwags48_jack took this picture at a Beer-fest and posted it on Twitter.

I’ve been on a Session Beer kick lately, so I figured I’d look for the ‘Jibe Session IPA’ the next time I stopped to pick up beer. (Okay, full disclosure, I went out a couple hours after seeing the pic for beer)
Well, they didn’t have the ‘Jibe’, but the Green Flash ‘Soul Style IPA’ caught my eye. It was already cold, so that worked out perfectly for when I got back home. No one likes to wait for a beer to chill. You know what I’m talking about…

From the pour to the smell, I just knew I was in for a good time. ‘Soul Style IPA’ didn’t disappoint.
Talk about a super tasty brew!
The tropical flavors were awesome in this IPA. Plus, at 6.5%, you can enjoy a few without getting knocked on your butt too soon.
Now that I’ve had my first Green Flash beer, you’d better believe I’ll be trying more from this brewery, and soon.
I was half tempted to go the corny route, and write “this beer’s got soul”, but I couldn’t do that to you.
You deserve better.

The Straight Hops: 4 out of 5 Keg Rating


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