Dogfish Head ‘Beer To Drink Music To’

beertodrinkmusictoI wasn’t expecting to find this beer. At all.
I stopped at the liquor store that’s close to home, they have a somewhat decent selection, but they usually don’t get any of the crazier new release beers in.
They showed me I guess.
I said on Twitter to @fahrn13, if I randomly came across ‘Music to Drink By’ I would grab it, so I did.
This beer wasn’t in the system yet, so I had to wait for the manager to swing over. I told the cashier it was gonna be $12.99, but she didn’t believe me. It ended up ringing in at $12.99. I win.
Boy did I win.
This beer is delicious. There’s a linger in your mouth after each sip, and it’s a great linger! The flavors just work.
It’s a Belgian-style Tripel, which is super dangerous, considering the 9% ABV. You can’t taste the alcohol at all in this one. It’s so super tasty, you could down the 4 pack in no time at all. I might do that, but at this juncture, I’m only on my first. Hence still being able to type coherently.
Well, as coherent as I am to begin with…

Dogfish Head is definitely one of those breweries that just does whatever they feel like doing with their brews. It works. They know it. We all know it. Find this if you can.

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