All About the Leprechauns

Once upon a time, there was this dude named ‘The Incredible Hulk’. When Hulk wasn’t smashing things or fighting people, he enjoyed kicking back a few tasty beers. hulk drinking

So one fateful St. Patty’s day, Hulk was at the bar, and he was hammered drunk. He should have been flagged, but what bartender in their right mind would risk that? Exactly.
After a few rounds too many, he saw her, and made his move.


Hulk and The Lady Leprechaun(That’s the name she went by, seriously) enjoyed an evening of playing darts, shooting pool, and drinking a LOT of beer. Obviously, one thing led to another, and Hulk ended up at her place for the night. I don’t have to go in to detail about what went down between them, you should probably know. Anyway, 9 months later, out popped their little bundle of joy! The Hulk did ask for a paternity test, but that was pretty pointless. His given name is Tim, but he usually goes by ‘The Incredible Lepre-Hulk’. He’s a beer drinking machine. (He gets that from his mother.) When Tim isn’t out drinking somewhere, oh wait, he’s always out drinking, never mind.


Now you see, boys and girls, this it yet another reason why beer is incredible. Believe it or not, The Hulk is usually shy around the ladies, and without the beer he would have never made his move. If he never made his move, the world would have never known The Incredible Lepre-Hulk! #GoBeer!


I like beer. I drink beer. Sometimes, I even review beer. If I feel like it...

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