The Kegs

We’re just some normal guys/girls who love beer.

Well, maybe abnormal is a better description of us.

We live to try new beer.

So logically, we had to start a website, about beer.

Don’t expect the same old regurgitated ratings and reviews, we hate that crap, just say if it’s good or not.

No one cares if you smelled a hint of a Leprechaun’s tears in the beer, although that might be pretty cool.

You will get our honest opinions about whichever beer we try next.

Opinions being subjective, we don’t care if you agree, we often don’t agree with each other on some beers.

We only care about the taste and drinkability.

Real reviews for real people is what you’ll get from us.

Well, most of the time, we’re not actually sure we even exist on this plane.

Sit back, drink up, and enjoy!

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