Abita ‘Big Easy IPA’

abitabigeasyThere are Session IPA’s, and then there are Session IPA’s.
There’s been an explosion in popularity of the “Session” beer, and it makes sense. Who wouldn’t want an easy drinking, flavorful beer that won’t knock you out quickly, on occasion?
As with all beer, the Sessions are hit or miss, depending on your personal preference and whatnot.

Here we go with Abita Brewing’s take on this style!
I wasn’t looking for ‘Big Easy IPA’, but I saw it, so I bought it to try. The bottle looked super fun! Plus, I tend to pick up every new session beer I come across, I’m super awesome like that.
This brew clocks in at only 4.5%, and it says right on the label, Big Flavor & Easy Drinkin’!
They wouldn’t lie about that, right?
It turns out they didn’t, but did at the same time. It went down easy, but there was no flavor worth noting.
‘Big Easy IPA’ was ridiculously bland.
@CrazyKegs had stopped over for a couple beers, so I offered him one to try, to see if maybe it was just me who thought there wasn’t much to this beer. It wasn’t. We both felt the same way about this one.

The Straight Hops: 2 out of 5 Kegs
I went 2 Kegs for Abita’s attempt but you shouldn’t waste your time with this one, unless it’s handed to you, that way you don’t actually have to waste your own money.

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