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September, 2015


Cape May Brewing ‘IPA’

I popped my Cape May Brewing Company cherry. Cape May ‘IPA’ is the first offering I’ve actually seen from the brewery, so obviously, I had to give it a whirl. It was on tap at a local bar, and they use a “Direct Draw” tap system, so I was confident the taste would be as close to the source as possible. It was pretty good. Their flagship IPA didn’t knock my panties off or anything, but definitely had some bite to it. I’d like to try it again, though, butRead More

Flying Fish ‘Hopfish’

Hmmm… Where to start? Over the past few years I’ve become quite a fan of IPA’s. Now, there are a select few that I favor over the rest, and Hopfish is absolutely one of them. To top it off, it’s from a local NJ brewery, which is even more impressive. If you are just starting out with trying IPAs, then I highly suggest you drink this beer. It will make your mouth explode with awesomeness. It isn’t overly hoppy to where you can’t enjoy the excellence that these bottles hold.Read More

Blue Mountain Barrel House ‘Uber Pils’

No. That’s it. Just no.   The Straight Hops: 1 out of 5 Kegs

Coney Island Brewing ‘Freaktoberfest’

I don’t dig Pumpkin Beer. There, I said it, I’m glad that’s out of the way. This one was sneaky though, as Coney Island Brewing tossed ‘Freaktoberfest’ in a mix 12 pack, and I was none the wiser. I should probably pay more attention. At first glance I assumed it was just an Oktoberfest beer mixed in the pack. That’s my bad. I would never go out of my way to try a pumpkin beer, but since it was sitting there staring at me, I figured why not. This brewRead More

Duclaw ‘Sweet Baby Jesus!’

Yeah, I’ve heard the buzz about this chocolate peanut butter porter, as I’m sure you have as well. Was I willing to invest in a six-pack of Sweet Baby Jesus? No. I grabbed a single to try. This brew sat in my beer fridge for about three weeks, as I debated trying it, but I finally cracked it open. I must say… I don’t get the buzz. For me, there was nothing redeeming about this brew, I cringed during every sip. Maybe it’s just me? Maybe it’s not? I despise drainRead More

Forgotten Boardwalk ‘On The Waterfront’

I haven’t exactly made it to many breweries. As of now, that number is currently one. Unless you count Iron Hill, then my grand total hits two. Don’t be jealous. I primarily went to grab a Growler of ‘On The Waterfront’, their session IPA offering. I’m pretty sure I had tried it at a beerfest, but you probably know how beerfests go… Yeah, like that. I’ll start by saying, the brewery itself is pretty cool. There’s just a chill vibe from the moment you walk in, the decor is pretty awesome,Read More

Full Pint Brewing ‘White Lightning’

You’re cruising along, destroying all the opponents in your way, like they weren’t even there.  In the way of your ultimate goal. The goal of finally defeating him. Yes, him. The man, the myth, the legend, Mike Tyson, in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! Then it hits you, you’re playing Punch Out!!, instead. Fighting against Mr. Dream just doesn’t feel as satisfying. That’s where I’m at with ‘White Lightning’ from Full Pint Brewing. It’s good, but just isn’t as satisfying as I had hoped. You could try worse than this in a Belgian White, andRead More