The House

Bad. Just a bad movie. 

I’d love to say there were some redeeming qualities to this movie, but I can’t lie to you, not after all this trust we’ve built together!

Even after a few beers this flick failed to make me chuckle.
That’s right, not even once, and those beers were #jwagsjackapprovedABV.

Supposedly, this was an all-star cast, but you won’t notice.
Will Ferrell: Great in ‘Old School’, and I kinda wish he woulda stopped being in movies after that one.
Amy Poehler(or is it Peohler? Who cares): I don’t get her. She’s not funny. Especially in this film.
Everyone else: Pretty bad.

Go ahead and watch if you don’t believe me, but you’ll regret that decision.

The House: 0 out of 10 Porcupines