Yuengling ‘IPL’

yuenglingiplI started this review about a month ago. I’m sure you’re super curious as to why I never finished. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you, even if you don’t want to know.
The plan was to do a He Said/She Said type of review with @JenniferCassada.
That would have been pretty sweet, right?
Well, as I was writing I noticed she posted her review, so I read it.
Turns out we were pretty much on the same page regarding Yuengling ‘IPL’.
We all know she’s totally more super awesome than I am, so I just left this in drafts and never looked back.
Until last night, when I decided to pick up another six pack of Yuengling ‘IPL’, as a “What did I think of this beer again?” kind of thing.
Lucky you!

I know it isn’t “Cool” to drink Yuengling Beer these days, but I don’t care.
I’m pretty sure I’ve never been accused of being “Cool” anyway. (You’d agree if you knew me)
Good beer is good beer, and Yuengling Traditional Lager is just that, good beer.
So, when I heard they were rolling out an India Pale Lager, I knew I was going to try it as soon as possible.
I was pretty excited to taste this beer.
Yuengling’s Traditional Lager has been one of my go-to brews for quite some time.
As in, if I pick up a Keg for my Kegerator, it’s Yuengling.

So I poured, I tasted, and I came to a conclusion.
I like this beer.
Yuengling ‘IPL’ goes down pretty tasty.
There’s a little kick to it, but smooth at the same time.
It’s not overwhelming, you could down quite a few of these at any given time, which is nice.
Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a straight up “Hop-Head”, this beer isn’t for you. (But you should probably broaden your horizons…)
For me, though?
I’d grab this one again.
Yuengling ‘IPL’ is a nice change of pace from their ‘Traditional Lager’.

The Straight Hops: 3 out of 5 Kegs


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