Wolverine’s Dinosaur

When Wolverine wants a pet, he goes hardcore.
Puppy? No way.
Cat? Cats are for suckers.
A pet fish? Fish are for eating.

It wasn’t easy, with the whole time travel thing and all, but he was able to get his very own pet dinosaur.
Pretty cool, right?
All the other mutants were like: “There’s no way Logan, you can’t do it.”
Wolverine was like: “Watch this, bub.”

So, what’s the best way to celebrate after such an accomplishment?
With a beer, of course.

Wolverine chose Yards IPA for such an occasion.

I did have a beer with him, but I’ll let him talk about it, no one cares what I think anyway…

Wolverine: “I’m the best there is at what I do but what I do best isn’t very nice.
Oh, right, the beer. I’m supposed to talk about the beer.
Well, I had just gotten back with Dino, that’s what I named him. You get it, bub? Thought so.
I was thirsty for some beer. Saw this Yards IPA, and figured I should throw some back.
Damn good stuff.

Plus, I saw it was #jwagsapprovedABV, and that’s a big buy in my book.
Pick some up, or else.”


I like beer. I drink beer. Sometimes, I even review beer. If I feel like it...


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