Wild Onion ‘Drago Russian Imperial Stout’

dragoI went to a local liquor store for a “tasting”, but it wasn’t much of a tasting, honestly.
So I redirected myself to their craft beer aisle.
This beer caught my eye.
Being a big stout fan, of course I had to try Drago.
Later on that day I poured myself one, and I must say it’s pretty damn delicious.
Bursts with flavor.
Pretty much heaven in my mouth. I enjoyed it so much, I asked my fiancé to have a taste.
Her response wasn’t as enthusiastic as mine.

“Oh my god! That is disgusting! Why would you give that to me?” (Yeah, that’s what I’m signing up to deal with)

I figured she wouldn’t enjoy it as I did, being a Coors light fan and all. I know I know. Upsets me to hear as much as you.

Overall this is a tasty treat.

I give it a 3 out of 5 Keg Rating
I don’t even think Rocky could tame this beast.


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