Wee Mac Scottish Ale by Sun King Brewery


By Chris Anderson
Twitter: @Essau1969

Well, the #50BeerChallenge has had me trying all sorts of beers that I may have never tried. My neighbor was in Indiana over Thanksgiving and graciously brought me back beer from both 3 Floyd’s & Sun King Brewery. On this day I opened the Wee Mac Scottish Ale made by Sun King Brewery who are out of Indianapolis, IN. The presentation of their can (Go Ahead Laugh) is very cool, as you can tell by the picture above, but let’s talk about what is most important, THE BEER! This brew is a Scottish Style Brown Ale, dark brown with a roasty Carmel like smell. The first sip of this lovely brew made we say “Wow, this is one the better beers I have had in a while”. Lots of malt coming through with some toffee, caramel backbone and very tasty I do say.

This beer is fermented at cooler than normal temperature’s to mimic the climate of Scotland. This gives it, in my opinion, that easy drinkin’ brown ale taste, that I love and could drink all weekend long (Or all week). Being that I have a little bit of Scottish in me, you can understand why I would be so fond of this beer.


Wee Mac comes in with an ABV of 5.3% and IBU 23, good solid beer, nothing crazy, but would have this over and over again if it was available in my neck of the woods. Of note, this brew won a gold medal at the 2010 Indiana’s Brewers Cup. If you’re ever in Indianapolis, stop in and check them out. They can also be found at sunkingbrewing.com or on Twitter: @SunKingBrewing

I give this brew a 3.5 out of 5 keg rating.

Drink it up, this one’s for you.



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