NJ (Forgotten Boardwalk) VS PA (Evil Genius) Part 1

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I reallllly like a tap takeover. It’s like a very specific teeny tiny beerfest but you don’t have to try everything (but you should try your best) and you remember it the next day.  Well, as if one brewery taking over the taps isn’t enough, Cheers SJ presented this awesome event at Fins in Cape May where there were two breweries taking over taps. It was a NJ vs PA Smackdown and I was rooting for both “teams”.  I am an Army brat, but my family settled in PA after Dad retired and I loved it, PA will always be “home”.  After a dozen transfers between NJ & PA for work, I finally decided to just move to NJ. I  completely embraced the state & NJ and it’s beer loves me back.  (Thank you, NJ) ANYWAY, to the beer…


I had to start with Forgotten Boardwalk.  I admit that I have a little crush on Growler the Cat, the beautiful cat on the logo that’s prominent on the cans and I’m assuming the model for the curly tail tap handles. Forgotten Boardwalk is pure Jersey and I like that about it.  My first beer was Funnel Cake.  Ok, now I have to admit that I’ve had this one before…at the brewery, at home, at bars, at beer fests…in cans, taps, on nitro, in firkins, etc…it is that good that I had to have it again.  There is something wonderful about a beer that is fantastic enough on it’s own, but that you can add a boatload of stuff to it and still love it and recognize it is huge.  People like to experiment with it but it is also a great representation of a cream ale.  It’s got a vanilla and cake batter nose that completely follows through to the taste. If you’ve ever spent a summer at the shore, you know exactly why this is called Funnel Cake.  It brings you back to those fun summer days of walking the boards, burning your backside on the beach,buying crappy t-shirts, riding overpriced rides, stuffing your face with pizza that’s been baking in the sun all day AND THEN finally having that hot funnel cake with the powdered sugar that you know a seagull is just waiting for you to not pay attention to so it can attack. Nothing else matters before or after that moment. THAT is what you get when you drink a Funnel Cake.  If you see it in any form, get it. I don’t care if you don’t think you like cream ale.  You do, and you will like this one.  4/5 Kegs


Also on the Forgotten Boardwalk line up was the new recipe of 1916 Shore Shiver.  I liked the original, but I was super exited to try this new recipe.  This beer is a nod to the shark attacks on the shore of NJ in 1916.  If that’s not a good enough reason to drink it, you should actually taste it.  When you bring the glass to your nose, you’ll smell the resiny hops. You’ll also smell some fruits that you won’t be able to identify.  I actually looked it up afterwards to see what everyone else was saying and nobody can accurately describe it.  Bring it further in, into your mouth and you’ll be happy you did.  Luckily, this one doesn’t take you back to the 1916 shark attacks like Funnel Cake brings you back to your childhood/teenage memories.  What it does do, though, is satisfy your IPA craving without punching you in the face with hops.  I see people that aren’t crazy IPA fans drinking and enjoying this ..you know who you are ;).. as well as people that are crazy IPA fans drinking and enjoying this..yes, I’m looking at myself. There’s enough hoppy goodness without being bitter and you get that great spicy finish with the ability for your mouth to handle some more.  4/5 Kegs


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Jennifer Cassada

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