Trump Did What?!

Raise your hand if the name in this title has you all riled up and angry.
Did you raise your hand?
If you answered:
Yes- Relax, you don’t even know what this is about yet.
No- Good job, but keep reading anyway.

This post actually has nothing to do with politics. I don’t get involved in all that garbage.
They’re all ridiculous: The left, the right, the man on the moon(not sure where his political affiliation lies, or if I can even call him the “man” on the moon. Is it woman on the moon now? Or non binary gender neutral piece of cheese? I can’t keep up with all the crazy these days).
This post isn’t “click-bait” per se, close, but not quite!

This is about beer. Yes. Beer.
That delicious beverage we all enjoy.
Betcha didn’t see that coming!

The thought popped in my head, so I decided to roll with it.
Trump Did What?! isn’t about anything the man himself did, it’s the name of a beer, a beer that doesn’t exist yet.
Yup, a brewery should make a beer called ‘Trump Did What?!’.
Think about it.
This beer would be a HUGE seller.
They’d devote entire segments about this beer on all those political news channels I don’t watch, with the “pundits” debating the meaning of the name.
You know I’m right…

I’m thinking it should be a triple IPA, maybe a quad, but that’s up to the brewery I guess.



  1. I agree maybe put stormy Daniel’s picture on the can I would purchase it..

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