The Ratings

Through a super secret Scientific Method, that we’re legally not allowed to talk about, we have devised this Sweet Beer Rating System.

1-5 Kegs

1 Keg- These special brews are reserved for those born without taste buds. Drink only if forced to at gunpoint, and that’s a maybe. You can stomach it, but it’s not very enjoyable. The Ben Affleck of Beer.

2 Kegs- The taste is okay, but you’ve had better. This Beer is cool for a try, but better if someone else is buying. This Beer is like Topher Grace playing Eddie Brock (Venom), it just doesn’t work, but you watch anyway.

3 Kegs- This beer goes down smooth anywhere, anytime. It’s not trying to be a pretentious, snotty brew, just good for the liver. The David Morse of Beer. (He’s good in everything, you can never quite remember his name, though.)

4 Kegs- This beer isn’t for the casual drinker. They can’t handle the taste of deliciousness in their mouth. If Brad Pitt and Josh Hartnett had a love child, it would be this Beer.

5 Kegs- You’ve hit the jackpot with this beer. Everything went right when this batch was born. It’s “Underworld-leather-clad” Kate Beckinsale in a glass. It’s that good.

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