The Quest

The journey ahead was a perilous one indeed.
Undaunted by the challenges we were sure to face, Big Bird jumped in his car, and we were off!

Unknown to all but his closest friends, Big Bird was a master of Naginatajutsu.
His skill wielding a naginata is the stuff of legend.
I’d rather have no one else by my side on our quest.
Well, maybe Kate Beckinsale, but that has nothing to do with this quest in particular…

Our research had provided us clues to the whereabouts of our target, and after several painstaking days of travel, we had finally reached our destination; The Mountain of Zavakasa.
You won’t find this mountain on any map you know.
The Mountain of Zavakasa can only be seen on the 3rd day of the 3rd month exactly at sunrise.

Big Bird and I started our treacherous climb.
*The Essence of Coolio JUST HAD to be here.

*Scholars have been studying The Essence of Coolio for years. It is said that this essence has the ability to make one super famous, if only for a short time. Many an explorer have lost their lives in search of this mysterious essence.

An hour into our ascent, we came upon a cave, and decided to enter.
After we were inside, the opening closed, as if some magical force was trying to prevent us from fulfilling our quest.
Unafraid, Big Bird insisted we move forward, and that’s when we saw the two doors.

Like a couple of amateurs, we decided to split up, and each picked a door to go through.
I took the door on the right.

As soon as I was inside, the door behind me closed, and disappeared.
I was stuck.
Then a light appeared, and I saw a beautiful sight in the middle of the room.
Exit 16 from Flying Fish Brewing Company, to be exact.

Was I dead?
I cared not, as I made my way over to the beer.
Thankfully, there was a bottle opener and a pint glass as well!
I carefully poured this treasure and sipped on its yummy goodness.
After what we had been through searching for The Essence of Coolio, this 8.2% beer really hit the spot.
Then it happened.
Another bottle magically appeared.
I drank it.
Then another.
It was super good.

I never saw Big Bird again or found The Essence of Coolio, as I lived the rest of my days in that room, just drinking beer.
If anyone ever finds this journal, I have no complaints, the journey was worth it.

The Straight Hops: 4 out of 5 Kegs


I like beer. I drink beer. Sometimes, I even review beer. If I feel like it...

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  1. Awesome journey that is a great brew and I Will keep an eye out for the big yellow bird especially around dinner time..

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