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‘The House’ Movie Review

Bad. Just a bad movie.

I’d love to say there were some redeeming qualities to this movie, but I can’t lie to you, not after all this trust we’ve built together!

Even after a few beers this flick failed to make me chuckle.
That’s right, not even once, and those beers were #jwagsjackapprovedABV.

Supposedly, this was an all-star cast, but you won’t notice.
Will Ferrell: Great in ‘Old School’, and I kinda wish he woulda stopped being in movies after that one.
Amy Poehler(or is it Peohler? Who cares): I don’t get her. She’s not funny. Especially in this film.
Everyone else: Pretty bad.

Go ahead and watch if you don’t believe me, but you’ll regret that decision.

The House: 0 out of 10 Porcupines

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One Comment to ‘The House’ Movie Review

  1. Larry Burnett says:

    Yeah l agree with those high ABV Brews if you can’t find humour then in the trash it goes and stay away from Freddy got fingered with Tom Green you loose all hope for comedy ..

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