The Great Debate: 2016

You know what I don’t understand?
I don’t understand why Politics bring out the worst in people.

Everyone says that Trump insults everyone and makes mean and derogatory remarks to people, but these are the same people that will easily jump down your throat & insult you for making a simple comment.
Since when is it not okay to support your political party?
Why are your beliefs better than mine? What makes you better than me?
I’m not insulting you for who you support.
To be clear, I DO NOT SUPPORT TRUMP, but I will not let myself stop buying beer from a company that makes great beer because the owner of the company wants to endorse a candidate.
That’s his decision.

Both candidates are garbage.
1: A businessman who has no political experience is the right man out of god knows how many to be their Republican candidate?
2: Someone who is under Federal investigation is the right choice for their Democratic candidate?

This entire election is screwed. It’s like picking the lesser of two evils in either direction. The fact that out of the millions of people in America, that these are the two choices, shows how screwed up the system has become. It’s clear that we have problems.
Hopefully this election opens up everyone’s eyes to the failed system we have and changes can actually start being made.
I honestly don’t know who I’m voting for next week. I can tell you that either way I won’t be happy and honestly neither should any of you.
I can tell you the next 4 years could be very bad for this country.
God bless America and the freedom we have to be able to have our own opinions and views.

Side note: I won’t judge you for not liking this post and hopefully you won’t either.
Continue supporting whoever you decide.
This rant comes from my disgust with judgmental people who think it’s cool to throw shade because I want to continue supporting a company whose owner has a certain political stance.
I feel every person can have an opinion whether I think they’re right or wrong.


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