The Craft Beer Bust?

Are we looking at a “Craft Beer Bust” sometime in the near future?

As far as conspiracy theories go, this probably isn’t one of them, it’s just something that I’ve thinking about for a while now.

It seems new breweries are popping up left and right these days, and that begs the question, are they all brewing good beer?
No, no they are not, and that’s a problem.
What’s the quickest way to turn people off of something?
Offer them a sub-par product.
Go ahead, say what you’re thinking: “You’re an idiot @TheStraightHops, of course you’re not gonna like every beer you try.”
I get that, I really do(Maybe), but that’s not my point.
Fine, whatever, I’ll move on to my next point about the future craft beer bust!

The other issue I see is “#BeerMoney”.
Yes, #BeerMoney. With so many breweries popping up, there’s only so much #BeerMoney to go around.
I won’t get into pie charts or anything, even though they’re pretty cool, but more breweries equals less #BeerMoney to go around. Less money going around equals less profit. In my opinion, it’s really not sustainable if the number of breweries opening yearly keeps increasing at the current rate.
If you were going to “Brewery A” once a week, but now you’re going to “Brewery B”, “Brewery A” isn’t getting your money anymore. Now “Brewery C” opens. Then “Brewery D”, and so on and so forth.
You get it.
See? Sometimes I make a little sense.

That’s it, I just felt like rambling for a bit.
You can go now.
But remember, when it comes to beer, choose wisely…
And as always: Cheers!


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