The Alcoholism Myth

There is no such thing as a disease called Alcoholism.
The perpetuation of this myth is astonishing.

Did the person suffering from “Alcoholism” get bitten by a mosquito carrying said “disease”?
Yeah, that’s crazy talk, right?

Wait, did they catch “Alcoholism” from that one night stand?
Didn’t think so.

Oh, they drink a 30 pack of beer a day?
They have a drinking problem, not a disease.

Is their water bottle filled with Vodka?
Again, drinking problem, not a disease.

Throw all the scientific data you want out there, it’s all hogwash.
If someone doesn’t want to drink excessively all the time, they won’t.
Simple as that.
Yes, it is possible to enjoy a few adult beverages without getting out of control.



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