We’re not talking “actual” war here, but rather the simplest of card games that anyone should know how to play.

But now that you mention it, one would assume you’d need a few beers in a real war.

The basic nature of War is what makes it a crazy drinking game.


Deck of Cards

Someone to play against (Hopefully you have at least one friend)

Beer (We recommend a case at minimum)

For every loss, drink one.

War: Drink 5 if you lose a War.

Double War: Drink half a beer for a loss.

Triple War: Drink a full beer for a loss.
Feel free to tweak these rules, as they’re just guidelines, but this is how we play, and we’re pretty awesome.
Don’t play Drinking War with beer over 5% abv. (You’ve been warned)

One game should be your limit per day.

Have fun and drink within your limits, this game WILL most likely get you drunk.

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