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Stone ‘Citrusy Wit’

@CrazyKegs sent me a picture. No, not that kind of picture, that’s just wrong. He sent me a pic of three beers and asked me if I had tried any of them yet. Right smack in the middle of his pic was a bottle of Stone ‘Citrusy Wit’. I hadn’t come across this beer yet, but I knew I wanted it. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking: “Was @CrazyKegs super awesome and pick some up for you?” No. He was not super awesome that day. He just wanted to let meRead More

Coronado Brewing ‘Orange Avenue Wit’

A good Wit makes the World go round. That’s the saying, right? If it’s not, it should be. Okay, enough of my nonsense, for now anyway… I recently grabbed a sixer of ‘Orange Avenue Wit’ from Coronado Brewing Company to give it a whirl. A good Wit makes the World go round, remember? I know I’ve tried it at a beerfest at one point or another, but there are so many flavors that get built up in the cup, you never really get an accurate taste of the brews. SoRead More