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Atwater Brewery Tap Takeover

  Yep, that’s right, another fabulous Tap Takeover.  This time it’s Atwater Brewery out of Detroit, MI.  They’re brand spanking new to New Jersey and that means I need to try as many as I can as soon as I can.  Luckily, as I’ve said before, tap takeovers are the next best thing to going to the brewery itself.  You get to try several of their beers, hang out with some pretty cool people and usually score some swag.  This tap takeover happened to take place the week right afterRead More

NJ (Forgotten Boardwalk) VS PA (Evil Genius) Part 1

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I reallllly like a tap takeover. It’s like a very specific teeny tiny beerfest but you don’t have to try everything (but you should try your best) and you remember it the next day.  Well, as if one brewery taking over the taps isn’t enough, Cheers SJ presented this awesome event at Fins in Cape May where there were two breweries taking over taps. It was a NJ vs PA Smackdown and I was rooting for both “teams”.  I am an Army brat,Read More

Coronado Brewing Company Tap Takeover

I love a tap takeover.  It’s a good way to try a bunch of beers from the same brewery without having to actually go the brewery.  If you can, get yourself to one.  In my area, I keep up to date with these events through @CheersSJ (Kramer Beverage Company).  I saw this event coming up at Fins in Cape May and alerted my “crew”.   Coronado Brewing is across the country in California and the chances that I’ll make it to the brewery in the near future are slim toRead More

Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Beer events down this far south in South Jersey are few and far between, especially in the off season, so my interest was piqued when I peeped the CheersSJ site and saw the Great Lakes Brewing Company Tap Takeover at Fins in Cape May.  I’ve had a few Great Lakes beers, but they were mostly at beer fests and as part of flights. What I did have made me want to try a few more and check out Fins that just opened after a total makeover of the former PilotRead More