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Asheville Brewing Company “Carolina Mountain Monster”

Asheville Brewing Company “Carolina Mountain Monster” by Chris Anderson Well, it’s been a long time since I have sat down and wrote a beer review, but today’s your lucky day. Carolina Mountain Monster is an Imperial Stout brewed with Coffee & Vanilla. This is a big, bold, robust beer with an ABV of 12.8%, and is beautiful, just like the town of Asheville, NC where it is brewed. Rich, luscious mouth feel,  just like the majestic mountains of Western North Carolina. This fantastic beer is made with locally roasted, cold steepedRead More

The Crazy Kegs Summer List

We here at Crazy Kegs love to try beer all year long.  Most seasons bring a beer theme and summer is no exception.  With longer, hotter days, a refreshing summer beer is much needed.  This doesn’t mean you have to drink a watered down version of your favorite beer this time of year.  What many breweries are putting out are solid, full flavored beer.  If you’re going to be out in the sun all day, you probably don’t want to drink a heavy 48 hop variety quadruple IPA with aRead More

Stone ‘Citrusy Wit’

@CrazyKegs sent me a picture. No, not that kind of picture, that’s just wrong. He sent me a pic of three beers and asked me if I had tried any of them yet. Right smack in the middle of his pic was a bottle of Stone ‘Citrusy Wit’. I hadn’t come across this beer yet, but I knew I wanted it. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking: “Was @CrazyKegs super awesome and pick some up for you?” No. He was not super awesome that day. He just wanted to let meRead More

Stone ‘Mocha IPA’

This is one of those beers I wasn’t sure if I should grab. I mean, Stone Brewing Company hasn’t let me down yet, but you never know. Mocha isn’t really my thing in general, let alone in my beer. Still, I couldn’t resist, and brought home a six pack to try. I had one, and wasn’t really sure how I felt about this brew, I just knew it was definitely “Different” from most of the new beer in which I partake. So… I waited until the next night, which isRead More

Stone ‘Go To IPA’

I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to talk about Stone ‘Go To IPA’. Well, I kind of know why. If you’ve had anything from Stone Brewing, I’m sure you know it’s going to be pretty damn good, so I figured it would be pointless to write about this beer. Screw it, I’m generally pointless anyway, so here it is! I’ve had this beer from Stone so many times, I couldn’t even come up with the “actual” number if I wanted to. You can’t really go by UntappdRead More

Stone ‘Enjoy By 10.31.15 IPA’

All Stone Brewing does is make good beer. I guess that’s kind of the point though. So, when I happened upon ‘Enjoy By 10.31.15 Ipa’, I couldn’t not grab the six-pack to try. What I mean by “happened upon”, is the Beer manager told me they just got it in, and if I was willing to wait a few he would put it in the system for sale. I waited. I even waited a full 24 hours to try one. Talk about patience. I’m like the Queen of Patience now.Read More

Stone ‘Cali-Belgique IPA’

This is a true love/hate beer for me. I’m all in on IPA’s, so I had to give this twist on that style a try. While I do enjoy drinking a few different Belgian beers, this one gives me different flavors every time I take a sip. My initial reaction when I tried my first one was I very much did not like it. I was willing to give the remainders I had to a buddy of mine. I didn’t, and now that I have had a few more, itRead More