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Spellbound Brewing Porter

Spellbound brews some quality beer. I usually get their IPA or Pale Ale, but I was feeling a little frisky this trip to the liquor store, and grabbed a six of their Porter. Damn good choice on my part. Plus, the weather was in the 20 degree range, so I got the fireplace cranking and thoroughly enjoyed this beer sitting in front of it. Great night. The Straight Hops: 4 out of 5 Kegs


*People are constantly asking what my favorite beer brewed in NJ is, so I figured it was about time I answered this question. Wait. You know what? I don’t think I’m gonna do that. Better yet, I’ll list my Top 5 Jersey beers, in random order! (I’ve excluded any #JerseyBeer I can’t remember drinking…) I kinda sorta maybe quite possibly stole the featured pic from @CasaskullMark, but I’m sure he doesn’t mind… #1? Or… #5? No one knows. Kane Head High IPA 6.5%  This beer is ridiculously awesome. Everything aboutRead More

Spellbound ‘Pale Ale’

Looking for a pale ale? Spellbound has what you need. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for a super bitter beer, and this pale ale does the trick. Smooth and tasty, Spellbound brewed a nice beer here. Knock back a couple, the 5.5% ABV won’t have you stumbling around like a fool. The Straight Hops: 4 out of 5 Kegs

Saturday Fun

What to do on a random Saturday? Hit a few local breweries with @LarryBurnett24, @infamousericb & SeaBiscuit, of course!