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Triple It Up!

“A triple is as a triple does.”~My mother. Okay, you got me, she’s probably never said that in her life, and she doesn’t even like beer. (Should I disown her?) I just thought it sounded pretty cool, and was a good intro for this post. I imagine if she did actually say that, it was probably in reference to Sambuca, so it definitely could have happened! So there. You don’t know.   Time for beer! I don’t mess around with triple IPAs all that often. Generally speaking, I prefer toRead More

Sierra Nevada ‘Hazy Little Thing’

I saw this beer on the shelf, but I didn’t grab it at first, even though Sierra Nevada makes some terrific beer.  After a couple weeks, I finally did, obviously. Not the greatest from this brewery. It took me over an hour to finish this brew, with each new sip making me like it less and less. I couldn’t really describe the taste, but thankfully, @TomHerringbone on Twitter NAILED IT. THANK YOU!!! The Straight Hops: 2 out of 5 Kegs I wouldn’t grab again, but go ahead and get ifRead More

*Sierra Nevada ‘2017 Beer Camp Golden IPA’

l98nlo9mo h145v 5\trvc 4gbcv 0xs     ft     \k   s ]\d3v   *I started to write this review, but then @BabyHops took over the laptop, and I pretty much agreed with all of his points on this beer so I decided not to edit his post. You’re welcome. He did ask me to throw in the pic and add his rating though, so…                     The Straight Baby Hops: 3 out of 5 Kegs

Sierra Nevada ‘Celebration’

I stopped to grab a sixer of Hop Hunter. Yeah, they were out of stock. So I decided to finally pick up a six pack of Celebration, from Sierra Nevada Brewing. It’s a good one! I never really heard too much about it, though. I pretty much figured I was just settling, but Celebration doesn’t disappoint. It’s a nice tasting beer, as always from Sierra Nevada. They can’t make a bad brew, I don’t think. If you’re looking for a different beer to try out, and having a tough timeRead More

Sierra Nevada ‘Hop Hunter IPA’

Hmmm, where to start? I’ll go with… It’s tasty! It goes down surprisingly smooth. Too smooth, actually, for a lush such as myself. I can easily see this becoming my go to IPA. Hop Hunter tastes that good. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you’re totally missing out. This is a MUST try beer. Most definitely my favorite brew from Sierra Nevada, by far. Overall: 5 outta 5 Kegs Go get it!

Sierra Nevada ‘Beer Camp 2015’

I was on the prowl, searching for something new to drink, and I came across this beverage. They aren’t kidding when they say “Hoppy Lager”. Beer Camp has hops on hops on hops. The hops are definitely over powering, but they’re not at the same time, If that makes any sense. It was a very delicious beer. Has a nice bite at the end. If you are a fan of hops, or Sierra Nevada in general, then you have to try this seasonal brew. You won’t be disappointed. I’ll beRead More

Sierra Nevada ‘Summerfest 2015’

Saw this, and immediately had to buy it. I love lagers, and I also enjoy Sierra Nevada, so it was a win/win. Sierra Nevada ‘Summerfest 2015’ is a weak lager. If I had to compare it to another beer, I would say a Coors Light. With maybe, and I stress maybe, a little more flavor. It’s very bland, nothing stands out with it, and it is absolutely not worth the price I paid for a six pack. But, with that being said, I still love most Sierra Nevada beers. ThisRead More