Flying Fish ‘Daylight Savings’ IPA

A Mermaid, a pony, and beer. What else can you ask for in life? Not much I’d say. Anyhoo, this is a pretty good brew. The price on a 12 works as well. Not to mention, the 4.9% ABV is… Continue Reading


Stone ‘Go To IPA’

I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to talk about Stone ‘Go To IPA’. Well, I kind of know why. If you’ve had anything from Stone Brewing, I’m sure you know it’s going to be pretty damn good,… Continue Reading


Southern Tier ‘Right*O*Way IPA’

Here we go again. I love a good IPA. I love the idea of session beers. What do we have here? A session IPA from Southern Tier brewing? I’m game. Okay, so this isn’t my first rodeo with this beer,… Continue Reading


free will brewing ‘lowercase ipa’

Session beers are hot right now, as are Craft Brewers in general, and I’m a fan of both. The low abv makes for a fantastic day of throwing a few back and not getting sloshed. As with any craft beer,… Continue Reading


Forgotten Boardwalk ‘On The Waterfront IPA’

I took the lady on an impromptu date night to the Forgotten Boardwalk Brewery. Turned out to be such a fun night, we’ll be heading there again in the near future. If you haven’t gone there yet, you are missing… Continue Reading


Ballast Point ‘Even Keel’

I’m still trying to find my favorite session beer, my “Go-To”, if you will. That journey is sure to be full of the good, and the not so good. The problem is, I’m looking for great. That’s not too much… Continue Reading


Forgotten Boardwalk ‘On The Waterfront’

I haven’t exactly made it to many breweries. As of now, that number is currently one. It just so happens that brewery is Forgotten Boardwalk. This was my second trip, but I primarily went to grab a Growler of ‘On… Continue Reading