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Sam Adams ‘Ginger Beer’

When: 12/20/16 Where: Kings Grant Wine & Liquors Why: I like buying mix-packs Price: $18.99+ tax for the Mix 12 Ginger Beer. What? I have to admit, the Ginger Beer in this Winter mix pack from Sam Adams were the only ones I actually didn’t want to try/drink from the pack. Of course I made it a point to crack one of these first. Bright and Zesty it said… This beer was definitely bright. But zesty? Not so much. I really didn’t plan on wasting much time talking about thisRead More

Sam Adams Event

@CrazyKegs and I heard about a Sam Adams Event that wasn’t too far from us. Well, we heard about the event because @CheersSJ let us know it was happening. He’s good like that. I asked @PinkPirateNinja if she wanted to go to dinner with @CrazyKegs and his wife. She asked what the reason was we were actually going for, she’s smart like that, so I let her know it was a Sam Adams event. She claimed victory for knowing we had an ulterior motive, but whatever, we get to drinkRead More

Sam Adams ‘Got To Gose’

When there’s a beer in a mix pack you want to try, you buy the mix pack. This particular Sam Adams Summer mix pack came with 6 different beers, 2 of each, for a grand total of 12 altogether… That’ll work. That’s how they get you though. I wanted to try one beer in particular, but had to get the five others to go along with it. That’s okay, Sam Adams Beer is generally good beer, so I wasn’t all that worried about the other ones. I mean, it’s beer,Read More

Sam Adams ‘Rebel Rider IPA’

Well, there’s not a whole lot going on here with Rebel Rider IPA. Yeah, it’s a session beer, so there’s that. It’s definitely drinkable. It just doesn’t have any “pop” with the flavor. You could, in theory, probably drink these all day. Maybe the Rebel Rouser Double IPA would have been a better choice? I might find out, I might not, only time will tell… But hey, I got a free 22 oz. pint glass for buying the six-pack, so I still win. The Straight Hops: 2 out of 5Read More

Sam Adams ‘Winter Lager’

Well, we just finished our latest kegerator project and I was looking for a sixtel to try. That’s how I ended up getting the Sam Adams Winter Lager, it was the only sixtel left in stock, as most liquor stores don’t carry a huge selection of sixtels. So I didn’t have any options to choose from, since I wanted one that day. I’m actually a fan of most Sam Adams brews, so I was pretty excited to try this one. It’s definitely a good beer. The only problem is it’sRead More