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Long Trail Ale

I’ve always seen Long Trail Beer at the liquor store, but I’m not going to lie, I used to just look right past them and grab something else. But, recently I started buying different varieties of their beer, and the more I taste their beer, I enjoy them more and more. That brings us to Long Trail Ale. This is a simple ale that holds great flavor. I could def see this being my “go to” chill beer when I want to partake in more than a few one night,Read More

Long Trail Brewing ‘Mostly Cloudy’

Oh Long Trail, you had me at Mostly, but then you went ahead and threw Cloudy in there. How could I resist? I couldn’t. Mostly Cloudy is a darn good Wit, and I’m definitely a fan of that type of beer. Mainly because I have no Wit, so I need to get it from somewhere, you know? You could do a lot worse in the style than Long Trail’s Mostly Cloudy, but definitely not much better. The Straight Hops: 4 out of 5 Kegs Go ahead, get some. You knowRead More

Long Trail ‘Sick Day IPA’

This is the first Long Trail beer I have ever tried. There were a few left at my house one night after having some people over, and I finally decided to crack one open. I must say, not disappointing at all. It’s a perfect beer for a cold day like today. Honestly, after the days I’ve been having at work, I wish I did call it a sick day and relax at home with a few of these. “Sick Day” IPA has a nice flavor, and no real strong, annoyingRead More

Long Trail ‘Sick Day’

I wasn’t taking a sick day, but figured I’d try this IPA anyway. That’s right, I rhymed just for you. I’ve had a few types of Long Trail brews before, and some were pretty good. So as it were, I waited a full 24 hours to get just the right chill to these bad boys. It was way darker than I expected for a 6.8% IPA. I guess I should have noticed the “Winter” aspect of this brew, but I didn’t. For me it was bland, I didn’t taste anyRead More