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Iron Hill


Iron Hill Brewery (Maple Shade, NJ)

Who: Me, @PinkPirateNinja, @BabyHops, & @j_cohl What: Lunch & Brews When: 10/25/16 Where: Iron Hill Brewery (Maple Shade, NJ) @IronHillMS Why: When you get the opportunity to have lunch with @j_cohl, you go. It’s just what you do. @BabyHops was in the mood for his first brewpub visit, so obviously we had to hit Iron Hill for lunch.  Plus, the infamous @j_cohl was there, so that’s a bonus right there! We chatted for a few minutes, and then it was down to business: What Beer to order first?   IRead More

Saturday Fun

What to do on a random Saturday? Hit a few local breweries with @LarryBurnett24, @infamousericb & SeaBiscuit, of course!