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Innis & Gunn ‘White Oak Wheat Beer’

Generally speaking I tend to stick to beer brewed in the U.S. I mean, it’s not a personal rule or anything, it just kind of always works out that way. I’m not opposed to beer from other countries, there are so many new ones to try here, I never usually make it to the other aisles. (Those aisles are always super far away, you know, like one over.) I happened to be out one day, and I needed a few new beers for the #26BeerChallenge, so I stopped at aRead More

Innis & Gunn ‘Rare Oak Pale Ale’

The idea of drinking this Scottish Beer intrigued me. So why not. I grabbed a 4-pack of ‘Rare Oak Pale Ale’ from Innis & Gunn. I should have left it at the store. It didn’t taste awful, just bland, I’d say. There is nothing “Rare” and delicious about this brew. Especially at the price point for four. More or less, it’s relatable to watching a movie everyone raves about, and you think it was just okay. (You know, like ‘Ted’) Yes, drinking this beer is like watching ‘Ted’, that’s aRead More