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Heavy Seas Beer ‘Powder Monkey Pale Ale’

Heavy Seas Beer is quickly becoming a Brewery where I don’t even hesitate to grab one of their beers to try. It all started a long, long time ago, this past August, when I tried Heavy Seas ‘Loose Cannon’ (You can read that one here if you like…) Then their ‘Riptide White IPA‘. Then ‘Small Craft Warning Uber Pils‘. I’m sure you see where this is going… So now when I see a new one from them, I get it. A full six-pack of a Beer you’ve never tried isRead More

Heavy Seas ‘Small Craft Warning Uber Pils’

An Imperial/Double Pilsner? Sure, why not, I’ll give it a whirl. Not that I make a habit of drinking Pilsners, they’re usually fairly blah, but Heavy Seas Beer hasn’t let me down yet. I think it’s the whole Pirate angle they have going on for them. (I’m easily manipulated.) Arghhhhh! Well, ‘Small Craft Warning’ doesn’t suck. You can definitely taste the 7% abv, it has a nice little kick to it, but it’s not totally overpowering. I could probably roll with two before I switched to something else for theRead More

Heavy Seas ‘Riptide White IPA’

Listen, it’s not easy being the foremost authority on all things beer, but someone’s gotta do it. Oh, you’re right, I guess that’s not actually true. My bad. Anyway… I’ve been noticing the trend of White IPA’s being released recently, and I must say, I’m down to give them a try. Hey, if these breweries want to combine two of my favorite styles of beer, who am I to say no? Exactly. So here we are, with a fresh six pack of Heavy Seas Beer ‘Riptide White IPA’. Well, IRead More

Heavy Seas ‘Loose Cannon’

The IPA is now as American as Congress sponsoring bills to give themselves a pay raise. Yeah, that American. Which brings us to… ‘Loose Cannon’ by Heavy Seas Beer. At first smell, I knew I was in for a good night. Then I took my first sip. It was like getting punched in the mouth with hops. Definitely in a good way. Ahoy indeed! Pirate Warning: This brew is sneaky good. You really wouldn’t know by how smooth it goes down, but this bad boy clocks in at 7.5%. I’mRead More