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Gimmicky Beer


Duclaw ‘Sweet Baby Jesus!’

Yeah, I’ve heard the buzz about this chocolate peanut butter porter, as I’m sure you have as well. Was I willing to invest in a six-pack of Sweet Baby Jesus? No. I grabbed a single to try. This brew sat in my beer fridge for about three weeks, as I debated trying it, but I finally cracked it open. I must say… I don’t get the buzz. For me, there was nothing redeeming about this brew, I cringed during every sip. Maybe it’s just me? Maybe it’s not? I despise drainRead More

Flying Dog ‘Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale’

I couldn’t not try this beer. It’s just one of those things you have to do at least once in your life. Who doesn’t enjoy Old Bay? Who doesn’t enjoy Beer? Exactly. Obviously, it makes perfect sense to combine the two, right? The answer is no. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale’ is drinkable, just not enjoyable. If that last statement makes any sense, which it probably doesn’t. The Old Bay flavor was overpowering at first sip, and it never quit. I finished the beer, butRead More

Coney Island Brewing ‘Hard Root Beer’

None of us knew what was really going on, if you sit back and think about it. We were just kind of oblivious, living our lives, drinking our beer. The hard truth is, we were unknowingly thrust into the middle of a battle, a battle of… “The Root Beer Wars”.(Insert awesome music here) Having already tried ‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’, I was bound by duty to pick up Coney Island Brewing’s latest offering, ‘Hard Root Beer’. Truth be told, I actually picked up the 6-Pack for @CrazyKegs, I onlyRead More

Ballast Point ‘Habanero Sculpin IPA’

​Well let me first say, I love spicy stuff, but my body does not. It is an inner battle that I deal with daily. Now, on to the beer… I would never really go out of my way to drink a beer like Ballast Point’s ‘Habanero Sculpin’, but being a man of my word, and owning up to a bet I lost against @TheStraightHops, I have to drink a 6 pack of this in one day.                            Read More